Rejection Pact - Threats Of The World

by Rejection Pact

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released April 26, 2019


all rights reserved


Track Name: Cartridge Family
What the fuck?
Nothing new
“Mental illness”
Wasted youth
Facts aren't shit
When you choose to sit
We'll kill each other
While you reap the profits
Hard fucking pose
Bigger than you
If push comes to shove
What the fuck would you do?
We’re all dead moving fast
Hope it was worth it
Death as a flag
We’re all fucking dead.
Track Name: Shovels
Why’s it such a struggle?
To look the other way
I told you to forget my name,
Why can’t I do the same?
Can’t seem to slow my brain
Always a reason, an excuse to make
You don't get it
You see what you see
You and me

Twist my words
I take the bait
Still obsessed with feeling pain
Every situation’s’ making it worse
Swallow the dirt, taste the earth
A bed of thorns
I call home
A problem
a means to cope
Track Name: We Will Never Forgive You
You're on my last nerve
Temperature rising
a strangle hold
Forever concerned
You play the role
Scream and shout to an empty room

Time slips through
Sometimes we change
The fact still remains
You're to blame

Taking and playing
Find a new group
Impressionable strangers
Easily fooled
Spin your stories
in your favor
Paint your pictures
Unchain your ego

Too narrow minded
To face the truth
How long's it been?
Bogus intentions
Track Name: Caged
Way past sick
Always tired
Pointed fingers
Mute argument
Know it all
No explanation
Different face in confrontation
Crooked facts
Poison your mind
Refuse to see the other side
Nothing to lose
This isn’t yours

Caught in a trap that you’ve made
Only reaching for help
To save face

Only to just save face
Track Name: Nothing Man featuring Greg Bennick
What's it like?
To burn the candle at both ends
Sharpen the knife
For everyone you called a friend
Seduced by fame
A crumbling image
Another small man
Addicted to power
Not your savior
Not your guiding light

A poison promise & they all bought in
Have been inked and sold with a promise to win
At the cost of innocent lives poorly spent
Empty words with cruel intent

Hidden agenda
Morals worn thin
Too proud to admit
They won't ever win
A bill of goods
What a waste of money
You don't own shit
Like this country
Track Name: Sorry People
This isn’t fall
This isn’t a season
You can love it or leave it
It’s how you exit that’s important
Tried so hard
Over the top
Kept that in mind
When you dropped out
No sense or shock
You’re just a tourist
So quick to say fuck it
If things don’t go your way
Pushed harder not smarter
Met with laughter
Took a break
Tried to rewrite
Lost yourself in the fight
Broke your bottle on what you loved
Watched it burn down
Who’s sorry?
Who’s left?
Track Name: Threats of the World
There’s a cancer
It’s self induced
Some choose to see it
While others run
We need a fix
A long term solution
It’s hard to look ahead
With a fearful future
Division of homes
Forced to take sides

Threats of the world
Will we survive?

Something’s got to give
This is the end of the line
Track Name: Echo Chamber featuring Tyler Short
What's the point
if you're so brave
when it's for social gain?
All your friends are so inviting
if everyone's watching
open eyes
bullet proof vest
not everything's a stepping stone
lost in echo chamber culture
You're fucking lost.

My acknowledgement of
someone else's situation
means nothing to its validation
making the assumption to speak for someone
Is just another form of appropriation
Inserting yourself into someone else’s fight
Is a weak ass look to make yourself look right

Self appointed hero
You're fucking lost.
Track Name: Poison Pushers
The rats are fast
On the attack
Fallen to the pact
Off your mark
Snake oil grin
Cheat and steal
Driven by sin
Finding comfort in dead eyes
Mob maze, no surprise
We feel the blood
Breaking skin
No doubt you’re lost
Desperation setting in

Use the past to light the fire
Look to today as a reminder
Nothing needed
False faith no thanks
Track Name: We All Lose
With every loss I endure
Is it me or the world?
Did it get easier or did I learn?
Are we just evading death?
Fake tears to ease your fears
Am I calloused?
Save your breath
Kiss it goodbye
You never had control
It’s a losing fight.

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