Bystander​-​Where Did We Go Wrong

by Safe Inside Records

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released July 12, 2019


all rights reserved


Track Name: Where Did We Go Wrong?
are we holding back or holding on?
where did we go wrong?
it's not enough to sing along
to cherished words in favorite songs
how many suns will set as we wait?
another night feeling strong
where did we go wrong?

take my hand and strike this match
we can't just curse the dark
we've got to admit when we are scared cause it shows
feigning strength only makes us weaker as we go

know it • hear it • feel it • see it
say it • live it • breathe it

if you got something real and it burns inside of you
what are you going to do?

every note every word as much yours as it is mine
it matters more what we feel
than how fiercely we share our minds
as we turn passion into art we place anger on the altar
and sacrifice our hearts

I won't sacrifice my heart
Track Name: Keep Your Edge
when you give your all, miss your chance, lose your mind
if you break your heart, cut your loss, waste your time
as you fight yourself, slash your hopes, grieve your life
clear your thoughts, get a grip...and keep your edge

that spark you feel at the limit of what you see
let it be a guide in times of need

resolve from within
there's only so much I can endure
if you wait for a break
for the kindness of fate
life will be relentless along the way
and if it's all I have then I start with that as I crawl my way back
it's what I grasp when I have nothing left to give
against my will life can have its fill but I'll keep my edge

I hold my head above as I sink below everything I know
I hold my head above as I sink below
nothing will make me let go
let the world bathe in pain for even when I lose all hope
I'll still keep...I'll still keep...
keep your edge
Track Name: The Distance
what's it going to take?
my excuses are all fake
so much I could create if I don't go halfway
I'm finally awake
this pattern has to break
I see what I forsake when I just go halfway

I can convince myself of anything
my thoughts race but I don't say a thing
what a tangled web I weave when I'm the one that I deceive

I can't deny that I need to amplify
no limits no restraint
no excuses no complaints
I can't just let myself just take on this world halfway
when less than one life remains
nothing ventured and nothing gained
I always come back around again
almost enough no follow through
excuse and soothe
evade...the truth
I barely try
I deny what I need to do yet I justify
no limits no restraint
no excuses no complaints
let the lies fade this world will won't stop
and what could I be if you'd stand beside me
no limits no restraint
no excuses no complaints
Track Name: Sing With Me Tonight
sing with me tonight
I will keep you close
my voice is yours
your soul alive
let me carry you home

I remember
Track Name: Give It Away
we spent so much time before I realized it was too late
you wouldn't reveal or share
we'd been ensnared in the trap that sealed our fate

if we had another shot would you take it
and tell me how in life you'd been betrayed
or still shield yourself from me with no reason to be afraid?

where do we find the strength to love
even if it won't be returned?
or the clarity to have peace of mind
no matter how much we've been burned?

I know how much we'd shine
when we're reflected in each other's eyes
but how many layers deep would I have to dive?

with no risk between us there's no reward
so was it worth the cut and how we bled
when you fell upon your sword?

even when I am empty at the core
I am full not for what I restrain but for what I give away

we live a half-life just to keep our whole selves safe
and hold secrets close while keeping everyone else at bay
behind that barrier to your heart who do you love?
and will you wait for life to pass you by
as you protect it all inside?
Track Name: Broken No More
this heartbreak is a bond and you are a gift through the tears
we made our way through torrents of pain
and finally we both showed up here
after all the nights we just stared at the walls
praying with wide open eyes for salvation
it never came
waiting for someone to call

you can't pour from an empty cup so let's be full tonight
waiting for grace is like asking for poison
then being surprised when we die
I've been on the brink
I need you more than you know
your eyes tell me who we've each been
what we feel and where we need to go

one debases the next
but for some reason we didn't end up that way
for what has been born in us through deceit
could lead us to infect the same way

look at me the way you long to be seen
you said that you might not survive
that you'd never find hope with another's assurance
I hope you can find calm in mine

let's set the past free and say these words together
say them with me
because I can see who we are...
what you see
what I am
what I’ll be is broken no more
what I’ll be is broken no more
what we’ll be is broken no more

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